Spirituality? Yes. Religion? No, Thanks

Deserted Church

A new study found that today’s generation believes in Heaven – but not religion.

“In recent years, fewer Americans prayed, believed in God, took the Bible literally, attended religious services, identified as religious, affiliated with a religion, or had confidence in religious institutions,” the study team wrote.

Evidently, the millennial generation is the least religious in history.

However, more people in this generation believe there is an afterlife than those of previous generations.  Eighty percent of people today believe in the afterlife – up from 73% in 1974.

“I am a confirmed non-religious person, but I am proud to say I consider myself a spiritual person,” said one anonymous poster.

This poster quoted an article that read, “Religion uses two main components to lure in and hold followers.  Fear and desire.  We fear death, dying, and being dead, and we desire to live forever, be it in a paradise or simply reincarnation.  Religion fills this need.”

Apparently, we have faith – but not in religion.

Is it any surprise?

It’s no secret Generation Y-ers, or millennials, are leaving organized religion in droves.  Nearly one-third of them aren’t affiliated with any church or religion – up ten percent since 2007.

One author’s reasons for leaving religion were: hypocrisy, denominational divisions, irrelevant lessons, power-hungry church leaders, and politics.

What about everyone else?  Why did they leave?

Why the massive change?

Is it because the Internet has made church sermons readily available, hence there is no need to attend church?

Is it because parents aren’t passing their faith to the younger generation?

Is this a good thing, or a bad?

If you have an experience you’d like to share, if you have left religion, or if you consider yourself spiritual but not religious, I’d love to hear your take.  Please leave a comment in the section below.

As always, be blessed!

What are you thoughts?

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