The Abundant Life Conclusion: Are You Merely Existing?


Deep down, you have a burning desire to do something phenomenal.

Something huge.  Something impactful.  Something God deposited in the deep recesses of your heart, perhaps long ago.

It hasn’t gone anywhere.  Oh, maybe if you’re like many of us, it’s gone dormant.

Maybe you used to jump out of bed every morning.  You hustled because you had a passion for what you were doing.  You woke up buzzed with excitement and got lost in the activity that you were created for.

Maybe you had to put that aside – at least for a while.  After all, the bills had to get paid.

Over time, the excitement inside you may have gone to sleep.  You just don’t have time for it anymore.

Perhaps, however, it’s time to rekindle it.

You don’t have forever.  Time isn’t infinite.  If you don’t start now, you may never do it – and that’s a shame.  After all, God deposited that fire in you for a reason!

It’s time to reawaken your passion and put it out there.

Fitting it in may be challenging.  You may have to rearrange some things in your life.  You may need to re-evaluate priorities and talk – honestly – to your support system.

But, really, what is life without purpose?  Without fervor?  Do you exist merely to earn money?

Let me pause and discuss that for a moment.  I would caution you against having the goal of earning money in and of itself.  You will find yourself chasing the wind – it’s never enough.  If you pursue occupations simply because they pay, you’ll be burned out and passionless before you know it.

Burnout is equivalent to walking death.

Jesus lived His life with purpose and passion.  His fire and zeal for the goals set before Him never burned out.  He carried through until He was finished.  He was mission-oriented, driven, on fire for what He came to do.

He wants the same for you.

Mighty Saint, strike that match.  Pour that gasoline.  Light it up.

Stack that fire so high until it roars with the vehemence of a potent storm. You are the storm.  You will leave your mark.

You were meant to live.

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What are you thoughts?

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