The Abundant Life: Two Things We Fear


A terrible, four-letter word often prevents people from living their abundant life.

It keeps people from achieving their dreams.  It shackles them to the same, defeated routine.  It’s subtle, destructive, and often sub-conscious.

What is it?  Fear.

Fear often prevents us from living out our God-given dreams.  When you dig down into the reasons why we never achieve them, it often boils down to fear.

  • Perhaps we fear failure.

We don’t want to be embarrassed.  What if our business fails?  What if we get criticized?  What if we look dumb?

Understand you will be criticized.  Expect it.  In fact, criticism is evidence that you’re doing something.

You will fail at some things.  Don’t fear it.  Failure is evidence that you’re trying.  You may lose face, time, money, and reputation.

However, if you persevere – even after failure – you will also succeed.

  • Perhaps, however, we fear success.

Fear of success can be even more damaging than fear of failure, because it’s often unnoticed.

Sometimes we’re on the verge of an amazing success, and we quit.  We don’t know why.  However, we just know we don’t want to continue.

This happens because we fear we’ll fail in our success.

I’ll give you an example.  I’ve struggled with weight my entire life.  During past weight-loss attempts, I would lose a few, initial pounds, and then quit.

I didn’t quit consciously; I just sort of fizzled out.  Old habits returned, and the weight came back on.

Why did I quit after achieving initial victory?

I realized it was because I feared success.  Success meant I would have to maintain it – and I didn’t know if I could.

However, I’ve learned that if we have the power to achieve success, we also have the power to maintain it.

If you let fear stop you, you won’t achieve your God-given purpose.

I truly admire Jesus’ disciples.  The twelve guys He chose to establish, build, and spread the Church were the most human you could imagine.  They were plagued with every kind of fear imaginable: fear of insignificance, failure, death, embarrassment – the list goes on.

However, once they realized Jesus was for them, they had the power necessary to accomplish despite their fears.

They changed the world.

So can you.  Christians have the potential to be the most powerful people on the planet.  God, with His supreme power, has given you a mission.  He is for you (Roman 8:31).  He will help you (Isaiah 41:13).  He has called you to take courage, mighty Saint! (Joshua 1:9)

Although He doesn’t always remove the obstacles, He’s given you the will and reason to achieve despite them.

So, get up. Stop existing.  Start walking on the water.  Break out of the life Jesus never meant for you to live.

Yes, you could lose much. You could lose reputation.  Money.  Time.  Energy.

However, what will you lose if you never try?

Abundance.  Freedom.  Fulfillment.  Rewards in Heaven.  A “Well done, good and faithful Servant.”

The cost of doing nothing far outweigh the risk.  Don’t do it.

And after all, you just may succeed.

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What are you thoughts?

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