The Abundant Life: You May Be Doing It Wrong

Abundant Life

Your life is supposed to be satisfying.

Not just busy, but fulfilling.  In other words, your life is meant to be full of life.

Many people live insanely busy lives, but are empty.

Let me explain.  In John 10:10, Jesus said that He came so that we could have abundant life.  For years I wondered what He meant, and this is the conclusion I’ve drawn.

People choose to live one of two ways: the Life of Now, or the Life of When.

The Life of When is pretty easy to identify.  If you often say things like:

When I get a promotion, I’ll…”

When I retire, I’ll…”

When I lose weight, I’ll…”

You are living the Life of When.

The Life of When operates under the assumption that there will be, at some future point, perfect circumstances.  It assumes that once they arrive, you’ll be free to live as you’ve always desired.  You’ll be able to set and accomplish your God-given purpose and live as you dreamed.

The problem with the Life of When is that perfect circumstances rarely arrive.

Even if you do reach your goal – for example, you achieve that promotion, it’s replaced by another goal which delays life even longer.  Before you know it, you reach the end of your life and realize you’ve waited for perfection that never came.

You spent your whole life waiting, but never really living. 

You delayed your life until there is no life left.

The other life – the Life of Now – functions under the philosophy of “Do it now.”

It realizes that perfect circumstances will never arrive.

The Life of Now understands that your entire life, until you pass, will likely be full of problems, challenges, and frustrations.  That’s okay, because this life doesn’t end at the grave, it simply transitions (after all, we still have the Millennial Reign and, after that, eternity.)

The Life of Now sets out to achieve goals now.  It starts and finishes them in the midst of problems, challenges, and frustrations.

The difference between the Lives of When and Now is simple: having abundance of life in life.

I’ve noticed people living the Life of When are sad, empty, and longing in their present situation.  People living the Life of Now, however, seek, find, and live out their God-given purposes.

Are you tired of living the Life of When?  Do you long for the Life of Now, but aren’t sure how to find your God-given purpose and achieve it in your present situation?

Join us as we continue the series of the Abundant Life. Next, we’ll seek to identify our life goals and God-given purposes.

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