The Amazing Pre-Flood World

Pre Flood World 2

Our environment used to be conducive to our health.

It encouraged health and stimulated growth.  No need to take vitamins while living in this environment – and sunscreen – well, it wasn’t needed.

Imagine a world in which you lived for almost a century.  You grew tall and strong – as well as everyone else.  At age 350, you looked eighteen.

You rarely got tired, and your hair grew long and thick.

Surprisingly, our present earth used to be this way!

This was the Pre-Flood World.

Before God instructed Noah to get on a huge boat to protect him from the worldwide flood, the earth was a pretty impressive place.  People lived incredibly long (912 years average) and got surprisingly huge.

Interestingly, it wasn’t just people who got huge.  Animals did, too.  Consider the following:


Crocidile Dragon Fly

Pre-Flood ant compared to modern bird
Pre-Flood ant compared to modern bird

And my least favorite, the tarantula:

Pre-Flood tarantula
Pre-Flood tarantula
Allosaurus – a complete skeleton was found in Wyoming in 1991

What’s fascinating about the allosaurus is that it would have only survived in a pre-Flood environment.  It’s nostrils were too small to inhale enough oxygen to support its huge mass.

However, in a pre-Flood, optimized environment, this was possible.

Why Did Things Get so Huge?

Scientists have pretty much agreed that things grew very well before the Flood because of the Canopy Theory.

The theory is that, prior to the Flood, there was a water/vapor canopy surrounding the earth (Genesis 1:6-7).  This vapor canopy disappeared during the Flood and no longer exists today.

Pre Flood World

This canopy protected the earth’s inhabitants from toxins, therefore encouraging a long life span, large stature, and generally healthier lives.

It’s interesting to note that God did not instruct people to eat animals until after the Flood.

For those who’d like more information about this, I encourage you to visit, or view Trey Smith’s “Noah” YouTube video.  It’s long, so get some popcorn!

As always, have a blessed day!

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