The Coming Christ Film

Is Christ coming? If so, when?

Though we can’t know for certain, humanity may be changed shortly and dramatically.

I’m a reporter. I watch world events and tell what I see. In our present time, I see this: Christ is coming…and maybe soon.

And what do prophetic Christians get for spreading the message? Ridicule.

That’s why we’re making a film. We need a voice. We need our story told. I seek to examine world events – Israel, changing world governments, fluctuating religious tides, and more – to see just how close we may be. I need to interview churches. Talk to rabbis. Pick the brains of faith leaders. And tell our story.

The Coming Christ seeks to answer humanity’s greatest problem: when does the current age end? Is it near?

Nothing could be more important.

I’m a writer, reporter, artist, asker-of-questions, and seeker of Truth. I’ve been watching for Christ’s return a long time, and I’m concerned. What I see may indicate we are on the precipice of cataclysmic change. The world deserves answers and I won’t sugarcoat. Christ said He is coming – I believe Him – and those in darkness need to see a light…somewhere.

Please join us. You can be part of something great. Three ways you can help:

  1. Pray (we need God in the worst way)
  2. Spread the word (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  3. Donate (below, or contact me here)

The budget for a film this magnitude is $40,000. Ours is a full-time, faith-based ministry with a zero-dollar income, so we’re starting from scratch. We get no money for our books and articles. So, as you can imagine, every dollar helps.

The result will be a 2-hour documentary telling our story. In our voice.

Thank you so much, and be blessed!


What are you thoughts?

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