The Coming Christ

There was a woman. She was engaged. She needed a wedding dress.

At the store she picked two garments but couldn’t decide between them. She returned day after day. The owner balked every time he saw her.

She needed to hurry (her wedding was soon) but since she didn’t know the date of the ceremony, she grew complacent.

One day, the dresses were gone.

“Where did they go?!” she screeched to the owner. He shrugged and left.

The next day she was required at the ceremony. In the end, she walked the aisle in a potato sack.

Most of what we’ve been taught about end-times is contrary to what Jesus said.

This represents today’s church. We sit on the precipice of change – the coming Christ – while eating popcorn and watching Netflix.

End-times popular opinion is incorrect. Many are shocked to learn Jesus’ true thoughts towards the end times.

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Most of us don’t know:

…why we ignore end times

…what Jesus really said about them

…the truth about how we should live

…how close we are to Jesus’ return

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That way you’ll know better than to think:

…I won’t know the timing of Jesus’ return. So I should ignore it.

…I have to know confusing end-times talk. But I don’t. So I should ignore it.

…I’m to “occupy” until Jesus’ return. So I should ignore it.

This is contrary advice. Jesus objects. Friend, don’t be unaware!