The Day the World Burst Forth

Resurrection Sunday

The dawn has cracked.  The sun is still tucked behind the hills.

Inside the tomb, Jesus rubs His sleepy eyes.  He catches a glance of His hand.

The skin has healed over the nail wounds, but the hole is still gaping.  Slowly, He draws both His hands in front of Him, palms up.  The nail holes are large, ugly, gashing, and uneven.  But healed.

Was it worth it?  He asks.  He sighs.  He knows it was.  His heart is peaceful and full, and He tingles with the hope and anticipation of what He knows is next.

He’s going to show His face to the world.

Yes, He contemplated.  Things would never, ever, ever be the same.  The world was about to be turned upside down in the shocking, startling revelation.

Good Friday was accomplished.  The Cross, the grave, that day – the greatest miracle that didn’t happen (yes, Jesus could have brought down an army of ten billion angels to whoop Satan’s armies, but He chose instead to endure patiently – the greatest miracle that didn’t happen) was accomplished.

Now, everyone would know the Truth.

There is a God.  He is Jesus.  He was dead.  Now He’s alive.  Everything He said is true.

This revelation would descend upon the hearts of many whom Jesus would grace over the next forty days.  The disclosure would hit them, knock them over, and cut them to their souls.

It would wake the living dead from the graves of their lives.

It would form them into new creations in Christ.

Into new wineskins from old.

And several days from now on Pentecost, the Spirit of the Holy God would pour over their dry bones like the burning hot oil that It was.

Yes, He contemplated, gazing out of the burst grave door – this was a New Day.  No longer would the world hurt endlessly, needlessly, longly, and lost.  The Solution was here.  The Salve to their cuts and wounds had arrived.  The Binder of brokenness.

Now, there was hope where there had been none before.

Were they ready?  He chuckled, shaking His head.  Didn’t matter.  Is anyone ever ready for a two-ton truck to flatten them?

No, whether they were ready or not, the Truth, the Word, He was coming to reveal to all humanity the missing Piece to the puzzle of life.  He was the Key.

Standing, He inhaled and exhaled sharply.  Slowly, He approached the tomb entrance and scanned the horizon.  He could see it now.

Stepping over the threshold, He burst forth onto the waiting world, in which the fields were ripe for the soul harvest to come.

What are you thoughts?

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