The Water Crisis No One is Talking About


Flint, Michigan, isn’t the only place experiencing a water crisis.

Unfortunately, towns and cities around the world are also facing a predicament; however, theirs doesn’t receive the same amount of press coverage.

Exploding population, industrialization, and pollution have created the perfect storm in which drinkable, usable water is a growing scarcity.

Last summer, NASA released information that alarmed scientists.

Their new satellite system, ironically named GRACE, revealed 57% of the world’s largest aquifers are depleting at a rate faster than they are replenished.

Additionally, some of the aquifers may be much smaller than previously estimated.

An aquifer is an underground water source.  They currently supply over a third of the world’s water demands.  And in places like California where groundwater is scarce, they supply most of the water.

“The situation is quite critical,” said Jay Famiglietti, senior water scientist at NASA.  “The water table is dropping all over the world.  There’s not an infinite supply of water.”

It can take thousands of years to fill an aquifer, but as drilling for water has increased globally, those reservoirs are being depleted quickly.

Add to the situation a growing population (expected to increase from 7 to 9 billion in the next 34 years), and surface water pollution – you’ve got a recipe for a crisis.

Unfortunately, this makes sense.

The Bible says in the end times water will be a hugely scarce resource.

It describes an earth that “dries up and withers” (Isaiah 24:4).  It describes a picture of extreme famine (Revelation 6:6).  Often, God uses drought to get peoples’ attentions (Deuteronomy 28:22-24; 2 Chronicles 7:13; Haggai 1:11).

Clearly, the water trends give us a glimpse of what the future of the earth’s water may look like.

Join us as we continue to compare Bible prophecy to today’s current events.  I guarantee you will be surprised!

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