The Winning Side

The Winning Side

Do you want God on your side?

As you’re battling life’s challenges and overcoming obstacles – wouldn’t it be great to have the Almighty, All-Powerful LORD watch your back?

Of course it would.  Who wouldn’t want that kind of protection?

Yesterday I was one of 115 million Americans whose eyes were glued to the TV watching the square-off between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers.  Yes, Superbowl 50 had the attention of over one-third of America.

It got me thinking.  How many football teams and players have prayed zealously before their games for God to bless them – for God to be on their side?  To help them win?

Tim Tebow was famous for this.  Before, during, and after each game he admiringly, humbly bowed in prayer.  I assume he prayed for God’s blessing in the form of a victory.

Political and spiritual leaders have been doing this for a while.  Many encourage their followers to engage in a two-way exchange: pray and try to follow the Ten Commandments so God will, in turn, bless us.  He’ll be on our side.

Although admirable, there may be a better way.

Jack Kelley said it best: God isn’t on our side, He is a side.

I tend to agree.  It would behoove us to think differently.  Instead of creating a path and then asking God to make it safe, let’s follow the path He’s already created for us.  Sounds a lot more secure, doesn’t it?

I realize this isn’t always realistic.  God sometimes doesn’t give clear direction.  Or, we have to make a quick judgment.  When I’m faced with those situations, I have no choice but to forge ahead and then ask God’s hand of protection over my decision.

I’ll give you an example if you promise not to laugh.  Really.  I’m almost embarrassed to share this with you.

A while ago I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for extended family, and I was overwhelmed.  I do all the cooking, and my perfectionism handicaps me in these situations.

I had a limited amount of time to prepare a lot of food.  And it had to be perfect. Or at least close.

I didn’t have time to seek God’s direction in the kitchen.  Yes, I sought it during the preparation stage.  God helped me assemble the menu and shopping list.

However, in the heat of the cooking race, I didn’t have time to pull over and seek His will about what temperature to cook the turkey.

So my strategy was to quickly ask for His direction, follow what I thought He suggested, and then ask for His blessing over my choice.  Essentially, it was a forge-first plan.

However, this strategy should always be Plan B.

Plan A is to seek God’s path first. It takes time and patience.  It’s not practical.

But it’s enormously beneficial.

We’re all trying the best we can in our journey Home.  Some ways are good; other ways are better.

I think Abraham Lincoln said it best:  “My concern is not whether God is on our side,” he said. “My greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.”

My goal is to strive for Plan A whenever possible.  It’s my pledge to God, myself, and to you – my fellow walker on the path to Glory.

Will you do the same?

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What are you thoughts?

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