This Happens Next Month. Are We Inviting Trouble?

Most mornings, as I sip my customary (and necessary) latte, I scan global headlines to see what we’re up to.

This morning, I read something that almost made me spray my beloved coffee all over the computer screen.

Apparently, a portion of the temple of Baal is going to be erected in Times Square and London next month.

For those unaware, Baal is an ancient god worshipped in Babylon.  Baal worship often required child sacrifice and self-mutilation.  He can be traced all the way back to Nimrod, the first world ruler.  God vehemently forbid Baal worship.

In fact, Baal worship was so despicable that people who practiced such things often suffered greatly.  In 1 Kings 17:1, God withheld rain for 3.5 years as a result of the Israelites worship of the false god.

Jesus Himself linked Baal to Beelzebub (Satan).  Baal is ultimately nothing more than a demon masquerading as a counterfeit god.  (Matthew 12:27)

The portion of the temple that will be erected in New York and London is the gateway, or door to the temple.

So, we’re installing a gateway to the temple of Baal in downtown New York.  Anyone else agree this is not a good idea?

This reminds me of the movie The Avengers.  Anyone who has seen the movie will know what I’m talking about.  Loki sets up a portal in New York City that leads to another world.  All kinds of chaos ensues.

Friends, are we really doing this?

And if so, why on earth?

The New York Times claims the resurrection of the temple is for historical and conservational purposes.  The temple was destroyed by the Islamic State last year, spurring several government organizations to preserve the cultural heritage.

And not only will portions of the temple be brought to New York City, but there are plans to install them in several cities.

Look, I get it.  No one wants to see ancient buildings destroyed.  And sometimes, we naively believe these types of things are harmless.

But Friends – they are not harmless…not in the least.


Does anyone else out there strongly oppose this?

Does anyone else out there think this is an inherently bad idea?

Please, speak up!

What are you thoughts?

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