Three Keys to Receiving God’s Guidance

God's Guidance

With God’s help, you will always be successful.

Doors will open instead of close. Your plans will not be frustrated. Opportunities will abound. You may not become a billionaire, but your needs will always be met. God will multiply you abundantly. You will have peace.

After all, isn’t that what you really want?

Success, however, isn’t automatic. First, you must seek God’s guidance. Success will be forfeited without it. After all, God may not bless that in which He wasn’t involved.

To successfully obtain God’s guidance, follow these three steps:

Step 1: Pray

First, you must talk to the Lord. Don’t just say you will pray and never do it. Actually do it.

Praying opens your supernatural eyes. It helps you recognize your need for God. It’s an admission you cannot do it without Him. Praying puts you in position to receive the help you need. Let’s face it, without Him, everything you do will ultimately fail. You’ll spin your wheels continually.

My advice: make a written list of your requests and pray over each one. Morning is probably the ideal time, although anytime is better than none. Some people are more effective at night. It depends upon the person.

I’ll be honest: I’m terrible at this. I’m a doer, so asking for help is unnatural. Add to that I’m not a morning person, and you have a recipe for failure. I used to go for weeks on end without ever intentionally seeking Him. I would only pray when a situation turned desperate.

However, I recognize the multiple benefits of coming before God for divine intervention. I’m less stressed. I have peace in the midst of chaos. I feel better physically. I know if I fail, it’s because God allowed it.

Because of that, I make prayer a priority. Skipping it is no longer an option. I pour some coffee and sit down in a huff of sleepy grumpiness. I reluctantly make a written list and then pray over it.  Then, mysteriously, something happens: this formerly powerless, defeated believer in Christ morphs into a powerful warrior. For someone like me, this says a lot.

After all, consider King David’s words in Psalm 5:

Listen to my words, Lord,
consider my lament.
Hear my cry for help,
my King and my God,
for to you I pray.

Psalm 5:1-2

When this was written, David’s life was in danger. His own son, Absalom, was staging a rebellion against him, and Absalom had many followers. David’s prayer was written in the height of his desperation. We would do well to heed his example. After all, he was a person after God’s heart. Isn’t that what we strive to be?

Step 2: Wait expectantly

Every believer, without exception, can expect help from the Lord. Sometimes it takes time or appears in an unexpected form. However, when you ask for it, you can trust its coming.

Nonetheless, sometimes you must wait. This isn’t easy in our results-driven society. We want what we want right now. We’re not accustomed to waiting. Consider the last two words in the following verse:

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice;  in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.

Psalm 5:3, emphasis mine

This is difficult to share, but when I was pregnant with my second child, I experienced complications. I was put on bed rest and told the pregnancy might not be successful. As you can imagine, this was devastating news. Not only because of the current circumstances, but because I had already lost my first child when I was six months pregnant. I couldn’t imagine going through it again.

However, I decided to trust God. I prayed that He would see us through. I prayed He would perform a miracle and heal the problem. Then, I waited expectantly for His help. I had no other choice.

A few months later, an ultrasound revealed the complication had disappeared. Everything appeared healthy. Months later, my healthy daughter was born.

You see, we can wait expectantly for God’s help because He is who He says He is.

Step 3: Trust Him to lead you

Step three is to let the Lord lead you. Don’t circumnavigate His help by acting too soon. Many times, we pray and then act immediately. However, if you truly want His blessing, it must come in His timing.

Once, my family and I were considering purchasing a piece of property. I desperately wanted it. However, it was a big purchase so we had to consider all options.

Although I deeply desired to move forward, I felt God wanted us to follow His lead. I didn’t want to; honestly , I just wanted to forge ahead. However, I reluctantly yielded to Him.

While we were waiting on His lead, we discovered a huge problem with the property. Naturally, we didn’t purchase it. Had we not waited on Him, we would have been stuck with the problem.

In today’s cut-throat, intense world, God’s guidance is absolutely necessary. You wouldn’t chart a jungle without a guide, so why venture into the world without the King? If you are a believer, you have access to Him at any time. He is waiting for you.

Lead me, Lord, in your righteousness because of my enemies—     make your way straight before me.

Psalm 5:8

What are you thoughts?

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