To Those Without Family

No FamilyIt seems everyone is surrounded by family this time of year.

Your coworker is leaving early because her aunt is arriving soon. Your neighbor is going to pick up his daughter from the airport. Your boss’s uncle is driving in the next day, and he needs someone to cover the fort while he enjoys Christmas with his kin.

He asks you to do the honors because, after all, you have no family.

If this is you, then you own this article. Your pain and emptiness is magnified around Christmas. Maybe you never married. Maybe you just broke up with your girlfriend. Maybe you are married, but little steps aren’t heard in your home because the doctor says it’s not gonna happen.

Maybe you lost your loved one this past year, and the halls ring painfully silent when just a few days ago (it seems) you were so full. Maybe you lost your family in a divorce.

Whatever the circumstances, your family’s absent during the season designed for families.

You must know something so necessary right now: God puts the lonely in families.

Maybe He hasn’t just yet. Maybe you’re wondering when He’s going to fulfill His promise to put you in the middle of a group of people who love you no matter what. Maybe you’re screaming at this because this is the seventeenth adult Christmas you’ve celebrated alone. And you’re wondering when God is finally gonna show up.

My Friend, hear this: God always shows up!

Maybe, just maybe, He already has…but you don’t know it yet. Is it possible the very family you’ve been promised is right in front of you, but you haven’t the spiritual eyes to see?

The very God who made Adam and then proclaimed it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone is the same God who gazes at you who are crying, decimated, and excruciatingly alone. This same God can see your future full of people and love and cheer and wonder and…fullness. He sees how the thorns have overtaken your life, but He also sees how they will be cleared.

After all, He will restore to you the years the locusts have eaten.

My Friend, you who are my relative in Christ…my Brother, my Sister…

We have the same Father. We belong to one another.

And one day soon (possibly next year?) we will be gathered to the wedding table of Christ Himself, as we join Him in holy matrimony after all the years of hardship, loneliness, and pain. We will be joined to our husband, who is our Everything, our Fullness, our Family. I will sit next to you. You will sit next to me. We will sup with one another.

But until then, this world can be cold and lonely for some.

Let’s remember that when we stare into the eyes of another lonely, lost, empty believer in Christ.

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