Top Scientist Predicts Book of Revelation

Rarely have I heard the atheistic scientific community agree with the Bible.

However, recently, that’s exactly what happened.

A few days ago I stumbled across a short YouTube interview that leveled me for a day.

The conversation was between Paul Henry, a New Zealand radio and TV broadcaster, and Dr. Guy McPherson, a scientist and professor emeritus from the University of Arizona.

Here’s a link to the video, but in short: Dr. McPherson, a climate expert and unusually smart man, “can’t imagine there will be a human on the planet in ten years.”

Let me repeat. A renowned, well-studied climate scientist said humans will likely be extinct within ten years.

This is hard to ignore coming from Dr. McPherson, whose straightforward nature and credentials warrant attention.

Why Does He Say That?

Guy bases his claim on “self-reinforcing feedback loops” in place that create cycles of planetary destruction.

Read Dr. McPherson’s data regarding self-reinforcing feedback loops here.

For example, one such loop is methane gas released when Arctic ice melts. The methane is retained in the atmosphere, which warms the planet causing more ice to melt, thus extending and deepening the cycle.

Dr. McPherson has identified approximately fifty of these unhelpful activities already in full swing.

The worst part? In his words, hope if futile.

According to him, there’s not a thing we can do to prevent the well-oiled destructive machine, and he believes we should live our remaining short days with “love” and “excellence.”

We’ve Been Saying This For Decades

I must admit, after viewing the video, I spent the day on the couch eating PB&J sandwiches to sooth my aching heart.

I’m an Eschatological Christian, which means I’ve spent the better part of my Christian life telling others the End is nigh. It’s true: Jesus will return.

I’ve parlayed the message the famous Book of Revelation will be played out… potentially soon. Part of the Book includes the near-extinction of Mankind.

Now even the science community sees it.

And the message is becoming mainstream.

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Parallels Between Revelation and a Changing Environment

Let’s play a game. Let’s remove our political hats – whatever they are – and don our critical thinking caps.

Ready? All right.

Consider the Book of Revelation and Dr. McPherson’s claim are not mutually exclusive. In fact, paired together, they go hand-in-hand. They are completely parallel, complementing one another. The Roadmap for the Future – the Book of Revelation – and Dr. McPherson’s assertion are intertwined.

How so?

Food Insecurity

Dr. McPherson states the mass extinction of animals – a.k.a. our food – is a result of runaway climate change. Additionally, he believes crop failure is another byproduct.

This is straight from the pages of Revelation.

It says the last seven years on Earth as we know it will be filled with mass starvation. Meat, wheat, and barley? Scarce. Your entire paycheck will go towards food…for you. And your kids? Who knows what they will eat. (Rev 6:5-6)

Dr. McPherson projects a foodless future. Revelation tells him he’s right.


Civil Upheaval

Understandably, Dr. McPherson is adamant we “remain calm.” However, human nature dictates the opposite. In fact, civil disruption is already in place all over the globe. Need examples? Just look at the reaction to the 2016 presidential election results.

Revelation describes the seemingly perfect antidote to worldwide upheaval: a leader. He’ll come in peace (at first) to guide the masses during global uncertainty. He is the Coming World Leader; a.k.a. the Antichrist. (Rev 6:1-2)

However, peace cannot and won’t last long, as war will soon be waged against the world. (Rev 6:3-4) What with food wars, wouldn’t this be inevitable?

Mass Extinction

You’ve seen it: masses of dead marine life washed ashore. Swaths of lifeless mammals. All over the globe: mass animal die-offs without explanation.

More evidence of an environment in peril.

This is the stuff of Revelation. An entire fourth of the global population will be killed by war, starvation, disease, and – get this – wild animal attacks. (Rev 6:7-8) Animals attack when their environment is threatened and food is scarce.

When their dinner dies, they’ll go after the next best thing: humans.

For more info on mass animal deaths, click here.


Sweltering Heat

Immediately following the 9/11 attacks, global aircraft was grounded.

Something strange happened: the Earth’s temperature increased two degrees Celsius in the following days as airplanes sat idly.

Two degrees. In three days.

Sounds minor, but consider Earth’s temp typically increases .5 degrees every hundred years.

Why did this happen?

Contrails, or the vapor left behind an in-flight airplane, provide a canopy that reflects sunlight back into space. A result is lower planetary temperatures.

In the absence of  contrails, Earth spiked a fever. Quickly. Higher temperatures are never good.

All flights were grounded after 9/11 and something unprecedented occurred

So What?

This means our planet is artificially cooler than it would be without air traffic. If planes were grounded again – especially as a result of Revelation-style catastrophes – the thermostat would go up.

By the way, the Bible foretells this. Prior to Jesus’ Second Coming, the sun will get so hot people will ignite from their exposure to it. (Rev 16:8-9)


As time progresses, the gap between the Bible and science diminishes.

As time progresses, the gap between the Bible and science diminishes.


Dr. McPherson is partially right: natural disasters will kill. The extinction will not, however, be complete: right before all Earth’s inhabitants are destroyed, Jesus returns.

Dr. McPherson is simply predicting what God already said will happen.

In the days following the video, I put down my PB&Js and realized: we do have hope. Beyond measure. In that respect, McPherson is emphatically incorrect. Immediately following the Earth’s beating, we’ll get a new one – the New Earth (Rev 21) – which will be as alive and resilient as our resurrected bodies.

We just have to ensure we’re on the right team – God’s team; a.k.a. the Church – to see it.

I, for one, cannot wait.

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