What’s Happening with Our Economy?


I’m a terrible economist.  When it comes to money, my blonde highlights have really sunk into my brain.

I don’t get all this economic talk with big words like, “deflation” and “tangible secure assets.”  Any financial planner and independent woman would scold me, but I only know if I have enough money by asking my husband if I can go shopping.

Nonetheless, I want to know what’s happening with our economy.

And I’m sure you do, too.

Over the last few weeks we’ve witnessed a roller coaster ride on the global financial front, and believe it or not, it’s tied to Bible prophecy.  More on that later.

But what’s really going on?

My blonde highlights and I decided to do some investigation.  And here’s what I found:

One word: debt.

  • The world has a lot of debt. Pretty simple stuff: the US owes other countries an enormous amount of money, and those countries owe others
  • They are now assigning a currency value to their debt
  • This will keep the world from going into a “deflationary depression.”

Deflation is when something costs less than its original price.  For example, you buy a house for $25,000 (nice price, huh?) and in five years it’s worth $10,000

  • When this happens, countries can’t pay their debt
  • If this happens on a large scale, only countries with actual money (or something tangible with a lot of value, like oil or gold) will be financially stable

When looking at overall financial health, it’s best to study the long-term.  It doesn’t really matter if the stock market tanked or soared last week.  Long-term trends are key.

So, what are those long-term trends?

  • The European Union nations are in the longest recession since the world wars
  • Japan is in recession and hasn’t grown in almost two decades.

Due to an aging population now collecting their savings, the government is printing more money, which just devalues the Yen

  • China has grown so fast that they are near a debt crisis

And what about the US?

  • It’s been taking on huge debt, under the guise of paying it “someday” (a.k.a. our great-grandchildren)
  • The Fed just recently created (printed) four trillion dollars to buy our national debt. No rich country or person is going to be foolish enough to buy that debt

What does this all mean?

Here comes the Biblical tie-in.  Obviously, our world is being crushed by debt.

All countries are tied together financially, so if one crashes, we all crash.  There’s no way we can pay it off, so we need a reboot.

World Reboot
World citizens want a reboot
Financal Reboot
Powerful people think we need a reboot

This morning I ran across a picture that said this very thing (except it was about a different world crisis).

Powerful people also believe similarly (see picture)

Unfortunately, there will be a global financial system implemented during the end days that will do exactly that – reboot.

This system will be worldwide, centralized, and all-encompassing.  At the head will be the Antichrist and his government.

How much longer until we are forced into this system?

Don’t Worry About a Thing

In the midst of this all, we don’t have to worry about a thing.  There may be turbulence, but we very well could be on our descent home.

Just sit tight, and hold onto your Father’s promises, and you’ll be okay.  Guaranteed.

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What are you thoughts?

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