When You’re Empty

When You're Empty

You’re tired. Hungry. Broke. Yet there’s still so much to do.

The boss is calling. You’re supposed to finish that project but you need to take your kids to practice. They need dinner (there’s no food at home) and a trip to the grocery store is desperately needed (there’s no time and you have $16.47 left in your account. And you so don’t want to run up credit card bills again. You just so do not want to go down that road again.)

You feel terrible. You don’t take care of yourself, they say. You need to rest, eat better, exercise, they say. Sure, you think bitterly. I can do that! Why don’t you watch my kids, buy my food, and cook my meals then?

The whole world depends on you. But you’re empty.

What next?

Come to me, God beckons. Sit on my lap while I minister to you. Stop what you’re doing and come…now. (Matthew 11:28-30)

One of my favorite authors, Rick Lawrence, described a time when he was running on empty. Everything was on him, but he was shaky ground at best. One Saturday morning he was rushing around trying to get his daughters to a birthday party on time while trying to finish work and doing pretty much everything all at once, and he fell. Slipped and sprained something important.

God had to get his attention somehow.

He will get yours, too. You need to stop before He stops you.

After all, He makes you lie down next to still waters (Psalm 23:1.)

When God ordains that you come to Him for divine rest and communion, He will make a way for everything to get done. Everything will take care of itself somehow. Test it.

Stop. Rest. God is calling. He wants you to come away with Him. Will you heed?


My beloved spoke and said to me, “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me. (Song of Solomon 2:10)

What are you thoughts?

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