Where is Technology Taking Us?

Advanced Technology

In just a few short decades, the world will be unrecognizable.

That’s how quickly technology is advancing.

In the Information Age, it seems nothing can stop us from developing, growing, and expanding technology.

While it’s fascinating, it’s not always good.

For example, some of it will be used to create and connect people to a universal, global banking (and ultimately identification) system that will essentially control the individual’s ability to participate in commerce.

It sounds convenient, but it’s also controlling.

Before I get into details, however, I must warn you –this stuff is bizarre.  Often, it feels like we’re living in science fiction.  It is, however, true.

For example:

  • “Wearable technology” is the new trend. It includes radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips and magnetized tattoos.
    • The RFID chip is a small, rice-sized chip implanted in your body.
  • RFID chips are currently used mainly for medical reasons
  • However, they are being used for other purposes.
    • Epicenter employees in Stockholm, Sweden, have replaced their building access code badging system with a microchip implanted in their hands, meaning they simply wave their hands to gain access to their building.
  • CNN and NBC have recently forecasted many people will be chipped by next year

That’s not the only strange trend. Apparently the fight against identity theft is going to a new level.

According to CBS News, Jonathan LeBlance, PayPal’s global head of developer advocacy, says our current password system isn’t working.

He says it should be replaced with wearable circuit board tattoos,  password pills that “effectively unlock your devices from inside you,” and even…brain implants?

This stuff is odd, but evidently it’s happening.

It makes sense.  After all, Revelation 13:16-18 describes a future scene in which everyone is linked to a global financial system via some sort of wearable technology.

The technology is obviously available to implement this.

Just a short side note – at our current rate of advancing technology, we’ll have things like artificial intelligence, floating farms, and mind-reading technology by 2050.

None of this technology is described in the Book of Revelation.  The Book of Revelation describes the end times.  It’s where it all stops.

Which makes you wonder – is something going to happen which will stop our current rate of technological advancement?

Be sure to join us as we continue to study more of these fascinating topics.

As always, be blessed!

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