Why Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital is a Big Deal Prophetically





Yesterday President Trump announced something that made half my Facebook friends wonder if he was the Antichrist.

He announced America’s official recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In the past, this title was held by Tel Aviv.

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Reactions were mixed. Some felt validated because they believed Jerusalem should’ve been capital all along. To them, this move simply returned the city to its rightful owner.

Others were upset. After all, Jerusalem is the most hotly disputed 48-square miles on this spinning globe. This is because the world’s biggest religions – Judaism, Islam, and Christianity – have all claimed it since, oh, forever. Because of this, many believe President Trump’s declaration was irresponsible and unfair.

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Reactions aside, this development is Biblically prophetic. Here’s why:

1. This could ignite the (prophetic) Psalm 83 War. In this future war a coalition – to include Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestinians, etc. – attack Israel. Israel somehow defeats them, grows larger, and finally rests from the Israeli-Palestinian tensions they’ve experienced for decades.

This creates the peaceful conditions necessary for the Ezekiel 38 War, which will probably happen during Daniel’s 70th Week.

Note: the 70th Week is the last seven years of life on earth before Christ returns. It’s characterized by wars, natural disasters, death, disease – basically the most horrifying time in history.

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So declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital could start the Psalm 83 War, which probably creates the unusually peaceful conditions for the Ezekiel 38 War. The Ezekiel 38 War is important because it’ll likely occur during Daniel’s 70th Week and close to Jesus’ Second Coming.

In other words: President Trump’s Jerusalem declaration -> Psalm 83 War -> Ezekiel 38 War -> end of the world as we know it.

Is this earth’s final decade?

2. The resulting tension could necessitate a peace agreement. Not just any peace agreement; the peace agreement. Because Israel’s surrounding countries are probably very ticked off right now, they’re going to get mean (if they haven’t started already.) It’s never pretty. And this may call for a peace agreement of some sort.

This is important: if you ever hear of a dude leading a peace initiative between Israel and other nations, look up. Especially if the agreement will last seven years. If the initiative is successful (most aren’t) then that man is the Antichrist and you’re in the last seven terrible years of life on earth. (Daniel 9:27) You may as well dig a hole, crawl in it, and cry. Just kidding…sort of.

President Trump’s declaration could result in a peace agreement involving Israel. The one that initiates the last seven years of life as we know it.


Side note: since the beginning of the Trump administration, our president has earmarked his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as the man who’d finally bring peace to the middle east. We’ll see.

3. Jerusalem will be the world’s capital. Forever. Multiple Bible passages speak of a time when Jerusalem will not only be the capital of Israel but of the world. Most these verses speak of the Millennial Kingdom, a future span of 1,000 years when Christ physically rules on earth.

Although the city will go through some tough times in the near future (the 70th Week, Armageddon, etc.) its end state is a glorious one.

So there ya have it. If you were wondering why Christian watchers were freaking out about President Trump’s declaration, this is why.

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Personally, I’m not surprised. I believe the next ten to fifteen years we’ll see major prophetic shifts, to include Daniel’s 70th Week and the Second Coming. More to come. I’m just humbled to be alive to see it.

If you don’t know about Bible prophecy, now’s the time to learn. You may very well be affected by it. And while you’re at it be sure to sign up for the free book The Coming Christ this Easter.

Thank you, Friend, for listening. I’m honored. And if this turn of events results in a huge shift in the world’s trajectory and we find ourselves facing the most tumultuous time in history, I hope to see you at Christ’s Wedding Feast. I’ll be there, wondering how in the world we were so blessed to have witnessed all this in first place.

Diane Watt teaches the Word. A student of God, she seeks excellence for King Jesus. When she’s not typing you can find her seated on a bicycle or in the kitchen. But not at the same time.

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