You Don’t Have Time

A divinely powerful truth is available to you.

It will spur effective living, focused achievement, and resonating influence. It costs nothing, but pays everything.

Everyone who grasps, understands, and embraces this truth will accomplish dreams. Scale their mountains. Live vastly beyond themselves.

What is it?

You don’t have time.

That’s right.  You, my Friend, do not have time.

For some reason, our society embraces the idea that we have plenty of time. Its resounding message is we have years, decades, and centuries at our disposal. That we have copious amounts to achieve our goals or live out our dreams – later. That our lives really only “begin” at a certain age and that anything before that…well, it’s just dress rehearsal.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Of course, we have some time. If you’re reading this, you have it. Maybe days, weeks, months, or years lie before you. No one knows except God Himself (although, I admit, I ask Him repeatedly – just like David in Psalm 90:12 and 39:4 – when is my end? My plans would be much more accurate were I not kept in the dark about such important hallmarks.)

So often, we do not have the amount of time we think.

– Diane Watt, Scripture Seeds

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But so often, we do not have as much time as we think.

Strangely, when you accept this sobering truth, wondrous things happen.

Realistic goals are set. Procrastination fades. To-do tasks are checked off. Bucket lists are accomplished. Mountains are identified and – before you know it – scaled.

My family’s TV is constantly droning. It babbles endlessly with court shows, news, football games, or ESPN. Sometimes, the nonstop chatter reverberates and produces something valuable.

Much like the message of the beautiful, lovely Alicia Keys.

Amidst the continual noise, a commercial kept popping up that featured Alicia’s popular song, 28,000 Days. After hearing it 16,473 times, I became curious about its message. Lo and behold, it was about time; more specifically: our definite beginning and end to this life as we know it.

28,000 Days PinterestYou see, 28,000 days equates 76.71 years – the average life span. So in essence, we only have 28,000 days.

In context, it doesn’t seem like many.

With the new vantage point, I was motivated to greater living. My someday became today. My mountain was broken into bite-sized, achievable goals I could accomplish today.

You can do the same.

Want to write that book? Do it now.

Want to take that vacation to Hawaii? Do it now.

Want to go to that restaurant with the flashy waitstaff and fiery dishes? Do it now.

I’ve heard the most effectual people are those diagnosed with a terminal illness. A new lease on life, they focus on goals and work to achieve them. They don’t diddle around. They don’t waste time because they don’t have it.

And neither do we.

I’d like for you to do three things right now. Don’t delay. Don’t skip over it. Completing these could potentially impact you for life.

Step 1: Obtain a calculator. A real one, a digital one, it doesn’t matter.

Once it’s available and ready for calculation, multiply your age by 365.

Got it? Write that number down somewhere.

Then, subtract it from 28,000.

What is the resulting number?

That, my Friend, is how many days you have left.


Step 2: Download an app called Dreamdays Countdown. Install it on your phone.

Once completed, calculate (based on the number of days you have left) the date of your residence transfer to eternity. Then, create a countdown event to that date.

Once complete, your app will look similar to this. Based on my calculations, I have 14,144 remaining days.



Step 3: Think. Close your eyes if you have to.

Answer two extremely important questions. Be honest.  Ask yourself:

What do I want to do with my life?

What am I going to do today to achieve it?

God purposed for you to live with purpose. He desires you to be incredibly effective and powerful (Romans 8:37; 1 Corinthians 15:57). You can be – with the correct perspective.

If this exercise seems all too morbid for you, I beg you to reconsider. Not doing so may result in wasted time, aimless living, and unintentional loss.

The benefits are worth the discomfort of facing your own end. Focus, clarity, effectiveness, and power are often a result of accepting the uncomfortable truth.

Because the truth is, Friend, you don’t have time.

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What are you thoughts?

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