You Need Only This

“This Earth isn’t my home. I’m just passing through.”

We Christians utter those words often. Or at least think them. Admit it: when you’re tired, sick, stressed, or plain done – you want Heaven. You’ve had one of those days – you know what I’m talking about – too many problems and not enough money; too many demands but not enough energy – you sigh and wonder will it get better?

Heaven is, after all, our supreme hope. We who are in Christ will soon inhabit new life without the maladies of this one.

In Randy Alcorn’s book Heaven he said all human desire boils down to one: restoration. We long for Eden. We think we need everything else, Alcorn says: money, status, power, etc. What we really desire, however, is to return to the way things were supposed to be.

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How Was it Supposed To Be?

Was life meant to be like this? Are we supposed to be surrounded by this gruesome junk? Shouldn’t we be happy?

I don’t know. Perhaps God knew we would fall from grace in Eden and therefore we’re meant – at least right now – to be mixed in the ugliness life can, at times, offer.

We do, however, know this: life will be perfect. One day.

Heaven: A Place on Earth

When you think on Heaven, what do you envision? Endless church on a white billowy cloud? Playing harps while harmonizing Amazing Grace?

If so, be honest: does it excite you?

In Alcorn’s book Heaven he corrects a common misconception that – understood correctly – has profoundly powerful effects. What’s the misconception? That Heaven is not like Earth. That, instead, it’s some ethereal, unimaginable place to float as spirits strumming harps and being bored.
The fact is, Heaven is like Earth. The New Earth (Rev 21:1.)

Imagine your favorite place. A cottage in the mountains, a corner cafe, a meadow speckled with purple flowers. Then picture it free from negativity: no deadlines, danger, loneliness, worry, hunger, or bad memories. Envision it full of everything you love: Jesus, family, health, pets, food, unhindered fellowship and uninterrupted joy. Then imagine it never ends.

That, my Friend, is Heaven. That, my beloved Sibling, is what you look forward to.

When I was a kid something occurred I’ll never forget. We’d just finished a band concert and the driver cranked the radio on the bus ride home. Belinda Carslile belted her hit Heaven is a Place on Earth. My friends and I pranced around the bus and sang our hearts out (so many safety rules broken. Bus Lady must have looked the other way.) The evening twilight descended and I thought, this is what Heaven must feel like. It was awesome. Camaraderie, elation, and joy echoed from deep within.

Over the years, however, my stuffy theology got in the way. Joy dissipated. Heaven isn’t a place on Earth, I snubbed. After all, this Earth is not my home – right?

Deep down, however, I was haunted. If Heaven isn’t like Earth, what is it? When I accepted Christ I wondered if I’d also accepted eternity in white cloudy nothingness.


My joy was restored, however. Alcorn’s book Heaven peeled back my eyelids to the wonders that awaited me: Earthly existence minus the bad stuff, only with much more. Unhindered relationships, satisfying rest, abounding love, and eternity full of fascination and productive, creative work.

What could be better? Oh, Siblings…Heaven is a place on Earth. The New Earth.

Friend, if you’re not headed to Heaven you need to be. Being saved is simple. You can know Heaven awaits you (1 John 5:13.) My precious, this is one destination you won’t want to be wrong about.

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